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Philosophy of our Volunteer Program


The mission of Women of Excellence’s Volunteer Program is to help our clients and participants live better lives through effective human engagement. This mission is best served by the active participation of staff, partners and volunteers. To this end, we accept and encourage the involvement of volunteers within all appropriate programs and activities. In recognition of this belief, Women of Excellence will maintain the following basic philosophy in the utilization of volunteer services:

  • Volunteers are people with skills and needs.

  • Trained and supported volunteers are good ambassadors to Women of Excellence and the community at large.

  • Appropriate selection, placement, training and supervision of volunteers is essential so that the special skills each person brings to Women of Excellence can best be utilized to the benefit of the organization and our clients.



Communication, cooperation, collaboration, customer service, confidence and confidentiality.

  • Communication: Keeping people informed; listening actively; being open and accessible; and ensuring that we are accurate, timely, and complete in all we say and write.

  • Cooperation: A willingness to work with others in good faith; assisting them and accepting assistance from them.

  • Collaboration: A willingness and ability to combine talents, knowledge and resources with others to create true partnerships.

  • Customer Services: Responding to our clients in a respectful, timely, and effective manner.

  • Confidence: We do our jobs with commitment and professionalism, through accountable programs and accurate systems.

  • Confidentiality:  All volunteers, staff and partners will honor the confidentiality policies of the corporation.

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Women of Excellence (W.E.) believes that within a community
of friends and supporters, your ability to conquer life challenges
is limitless; and your potential to succeed is infinite.

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