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Mission Statement

To broaden our reach and impact of services in strengthening and supporting women, girls and families to overcome obstacles and live their best life.


Vision Statement

To enrich the lives of women, girls and families


Our Core Values:

  • Excellence:  We are committed to excellence and the highest standards of quality and professionalism in our service delivery, and continually strive to improve all aspects of our operations.

  • Nurture:  We are committed to providing safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments that enable women and youth to grow physically, mentally, socially, emotionally, culturally and academically. 

  • Integrity:  At all times, we approach our work with honesty and respect, and hold ourselves and our programs accountable to the highest ethical and performance standards. 

  • Equity:  We embrace and find strength in the diversity of our clients, their families, staff and community. 

  • Innovation:  We actively strive to bring new ideas and creative approaches to our service delivery to identify and address issues facing women, youth, their families, our staff and community. 


Rev. Mildred Kee, Founder & Founding Director

Mayor Wilson Goode.jpg
 Honorable W. Wilson Goode, Sr.
(Former Mayor of Philadelphia)
Co-founder & Founding Board Chairman of
Women of Excellence, Inc.


Founded by Rev. Mildred Kee in 1994, along with a host of community partners, including our founding board member (former) Mayor W. Wilson Goode, Sr. , Women of Excellence (WE) was created to meet the needs of women-in-transition suffering from substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, mental illness and poor educational opportunities. 


Rev. Kee and her tenacious board of directors acquired funding from the federal Housing and Urban Development department (HUD) to purchase and renovate a once abandoned St. Bonaventure Church convent into a thriving residential facility where homeless women could find safety and support to assist in rebuilding their lives. 

In addition to this funding, Women of Excellence also became a grantee of the HUD Continuum of Care program of Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services for its Project Restoration which operated for over 10 years.  This funding assisted Women of Excellence in providing women transitioning from homelessness into clean, safe, living quarters which included a dining hall, nutritious meals, an elevator for disabled clients along with a comfortable lounge area, and a host of supportive services. 


Although she announced her retirement in 2017, Rev. Mildred Kee will continue her public service and involvement in the work of Women of Excellence, as well as other communities in transition throughout the city of Philadelphia. 

Women of Excellence, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation

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