Women of Excellence continues to broaden its reach and impact of services with new and innovative ideas to assist women and girls in reaching their full potential and “living their best life!” 

Programs and services include:

Daughters of Excellence (DOE):  A division of programs and services designed to empower school-age girls and young adult women in living their best life by providing access, resources and support in education, social services, recreation, employment, mentoring and friendship.  Specific programs include summer and afterschool activities, special events, as well as a Group Home Care program for young ladies ages 13-20 who are unable to live in their homes of origin or in other family-based care due to trauma and/or other social services issues.  Our group home is licensed by the state of Pennsylvania and the Philadelphia Department of Human Services.  All DOE programs emphasize personal, social and character development, including themes such as self-esteem building, leadership, relationships, dignity, respect, honesty, accountability, life planning, career awareness and citizenship.


Empowerment Workshops (EW) - A Series of workshops and community meetings for women and young adults which include topics such as Health & Wellness, Conflict & Communication, Time Management, Personal Development, Stress Management, Self Motivation and Job-Seeker topics. (Presentations available on and off-site)


WE Mentor Program:  Women of Excellence (WE) welcomes female volunteers, community leaders, corporate and government representatives of all levels to serve as a WE Mentor. The mentor program fosters relationships aimed at high-level lead​ership, engagement and personal development within a structured time-frame. Throughout the mentorship process (minimum of 4-to-6 months), Mentees work toward goals and establish personal accountability, while Mentors support them throughout the process.​

Transitional Housing (TH):  Temporary housing for up to 24 months for homeless women.  TH includes case management and active participation in community rehabilitation programs, educational programs, workforce development along with financial and housing counselling, and Rapid Re-Housing assistance.  Funded by HUD and the Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services 2007 through 2017.

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